Colorful Caprese Salad

Pin It This salad tasted as good as it looked.  And it looked as good as it tasted!  You get the picture.  This good looking salad was tasty.   It's all in the ingredients when it comes to making a delicious Colorful Caprese Salad.   Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella is preferred, though regular fresh will also do.  Vine Ripened Tomatoes from the garden are preferred, but these cute colorful ones from the store will do for now.  Freshly cut sweet little Basil leaves are mandatory, and if there is one thing to remember it is that few things in life are as important as a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Throw it all together with some sea salt and freshly cracked pepper and you have the perfect starter salad, or main course.  Heck, I love it so much I would eat it for dessert.
The trick to eating a Caprese salad is to get a basil leaf, a tomato, and about half of a little Mozzarella ball in each bite.  I don't think I ever took such time making "perfect bites."
and another.......
Then I got a little rambunctious and decided to drizzle on some liquid gold, a cream of Balsamic Vinegar (this kicks up the fancy factor a bit).
Now that I have bored you with my story on "how I ate a Caprese Salad for dinner one night," I'll get on with the recipe and as always, thanks for listening ;)  How do you eat your Caprese Salad?  The more details the better!  Comment below.

Colorful Caprese Salad

Serves 2 
1 medium vine ripened tomato, halved and sliced thinly
1 pint of mixed yellow, red and orange cherry tomatoes
14 mini Mozzarella balls (or one normal Mozz ball, sliced)
20 Fresh Basil Leaves
1-2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Freshly ground Pepper 
Cream of Balsamic or a high quality Balsamic Vinegar (optional, but not necessary)

I served mine on a small handful of garden spinach to get my greens in, but this is definitely not necessary.

Layer in tomatoes, Mozzarella and basil.  Sprinkle with Sea Salt and freshly ground pepper.  Drizzle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Serve immediately.  

Bon Appétit!  
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