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Welcome to my blog!  I'm a mid-ish 20-something girl, who just started cooking about a year ago.  I now love cooking so much, I decided to start a blog about it (still not sure if that was a good idea, or not!).  Please note: I am not an expert.  I am just looking for good recipes and learning new techniques along the way, with the help of my friend Google, Pinterest and other food bloggers in the blogoshpere.  Someday, I hope to take cooking classes, but at the time am just enjoying messing around and up in the kitchen.  In addition to cooking, my other hobby is traveling, which is why when we got the opportunity to move to Belgium, we took it!  We have now been living in Belgium for a year and a half and are so far enjoying living the European lifestyle. 

Why A Globetrotter's Fare? 
Fare: (noun)
1.  the price of conveyance or passage in a bus, train, airplane, or other vehicle.
2.  a person or persons who pay to be conveyed in a vehicle; paying passenger.
3.  a person who hires a public vehicle and its driver.
4.  food; diet: hearty fare.
5.  something offered to the public, for entertainment, enjoyment, consumption, etc.: literary fare.

I began this blog with the double meaning for fare in mind.  Fare meaning the price of being a "globetrotter" (obviously priceless) but also, Fare as in what I eat (specifically the local fare), while traveling.  And of course, the reason you are on this page (hopefully!) is the fare that's cooking in my kitchen.  I didn't notice until now, after really looking at the definition from dictionary.com.  But, hopefully number 5 applies, too (it will at give me something to strive for, anyway!).  

Through this blog I hope to take you on a journey:
                   1.)  The journey of traveling around the world (Europe, for now... but many many places someday!). 
                  2.)  The journey I go through as I learn to cook and create delicious recipes.

As mentioned before.... Travel and Cooking tips appreciated from my fellow globetrotters and chefs!
In Florence, Italy's main market
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