London Part I: Food Glorious Food @ Borough Market

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Never have I ever met a market I loved so much.  We have visited markets in most European cities we visited and find interesting items in each one.  In fact I normally come away with some type of souvenier from most.  Souveniers range from aged Balsamic Vinegar (Florence Market), a handmade purse (Budapest),  a bottle of Latvian Wine (Riga Market), a woven basket (Munich Market) and if we are lucky a really delicious lunch to boot.
The Borough Market is a foodie's dream and a must stop for a local London gastronomic experience.  The market offers a plethora of choices.  So many you might just want to come back for lunch a second day (which is exactly what we did).
I could definitely do my shopping here on a regular basis.  Yes, Please.  And aren't Round Zucchinis (Courgette in England) the cutest thing ever? 
And nothing beats market olives.  Nothing

The Lunch options are endless. 
Giant Dishes of Paella, in multiple flavors.
Pulled Pork or an Uber Burger?!  You have got to be kidding me.  How the heck is a girl to decide?  You are now beginning to see why we came back a second day.  We were in line for the pulled pork, but then saw someone in front of us ordering what I would call the Thanksgiving Sandwich: Roasted Turkey, Fresh Cranberry Sauce and a stuffing that was to die for, and we changed our mind.  We were so busy stuffing our faces we forgot to get a pic. :(
Londoner's in the queue during lunch.
 After lunch beverage anyone? It's Pimm's o'clock!
or maybe a fresh meringue is more your speed.......

With all the hustle and bustle, it's a nice place to do a little people watching after lunch.  The market was my favorite part of London.  I think its safe to say that I am officially in love with food.   
Food Glorious Food. 

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