Je t'aime Paris.....et Fallafel

Pin It I really wanted to go to the Olympics.  Really bad.  But we couldn't get tickets.  So we went to Paris instead.  Not too shabby.
 Spent the day walking around the gardens at Versailles.
Had a picnic at the "Little Venice" in Versailles.  It was interesting to watch all of the different "rowing" styles.  Clearly, some of these people haven't been watching the Olympics!
The gardens were in full bloom and the musical fountains were in full swing.  Though full of tourists, it was a little magical.
The next day was mostly about food.  Right by our hotel was the cutest bakery in Montmatre, Coquelicot (Métro Abessess).  Here, they serve coffee by the bowl.  Literally. Nothing like a bowl-o-joe to get you going in the am.
We'll be stopping here again when we stay at the same hotel in October.  Next time, I plan on trying the almond and pistachio croissants, which according to a yelp review are to die for.  The French sure know how to do bread & pastries.  Though, I have to have faith in my Belgian friends and am planning on trying this Boulangerie this weekend!  I'll let you know how it compares.  I doubt they will serve my coffee in a bowl which is a plus, especially to get you jacked up for a day of free museum viewing.  All of the museums in Paris are free on the first Sunday of the month.  We went to Musée D'Orsay, which has an amazing Impressionist collection.  A must see when visiting.
After an afternoon of Impressionism and Pointillism, we were hungry.  So like any other Sunday in Paris, we headed to L'As du Fallafel on Rue de Rosiers 34.  
If you are looking for this institution, you will know when you are getting close, because people eating fallafels are littered everywhere in the surrounding streets.
Though the line may seem long, they really know how to operate this joint.   You will have your fallafel in hand in no time.
Can I get a shirt that says I <3 L'As du Fallafel?
Exhibit A: Fallafel in hand

How to order a Fallafel to go @ L'As Du Fallafel:

1.)  Follow the yellow napkin wrapped falafel eating people (get off at Métro St. Paul).
2.)  When you arrive, order from the guy shouting something about a fallafel in French.  Pay him and he'll give you a ticket
3.)  Get in the line on your left.
4.)  Hand the Falafel making men your ticket (I swear they are faster than Jimmy John's and we all know Jimmy John's is freaky fast.
5.)  Eat your falafel in a nearby park or on the curb if it suits you.  It suits me.

Even the NYT loves L'As Du Fallafel.  Keep in mind they are closed on Saturdays, as it's the Jewish Sabbath.  For me, this area is the best spot to spend a Sunday in Paris.

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Rebecca said...

Now that I just spent an hour looking at every bread and pastry that Charli (a Belgium Boulangerie?)has to offer... back to work. What a website! Thanks for the pics too - the food looks amazing!

aglobetrottersfare said...

Hey Reb- sorry to distract you from work with websites of delicious pastries :) I'll let you know how they are next week. I am sure nothing short of amazing.