Brussels Flower Carpet 2012

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Brussels Flower Carpet was going on this past weekend so we went downtown and checked it out.
Only happening once every other year in Brussels' Grand Place, the carpet is something to see.
Go early to avoid the tourists.  We didn't.
 Made out of Begonias, barks, precious materials, sands, soils and pigments, the carpets theme was Africa.

Unrelated, but also in the weekend's events, we kayaked down the Lesse River in the South of Belgium.  It's not everyday you kayak past an old castle.
Lots of people thought kayaking was a good way to beat the heat.  It was the hottest day ever in Belgium...I may be exaggerating, but I am not complaining.

In other events, I have officially become too lazy to make dinner so I am eating toast with butter and raspberry jam.  It tastes magnificent.... I think I will do this more often. 
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Rebecca said...

Ooh - the flower carpet is beautiful! Was the smell amazing! (This is different than the Spring Bulb flower shows, correct? Since it isn't spring...lol)

p.s. I love toast with butter and raspberry jam! My favorite jam is the homeade kind you can get from the amish stand at the farmer's market!

aglobetrottersfare said...

You would love the flower carpet with your flowery background. Though I didn't think about it at the time, I don't remember any smell besides the smell of Belgium waffles... which is typically what the Grand Place smells like. Horribly tempting. I am not familiar with the Spring Bulb flower shows? Is that in Brussels? Good call on the homemade jam, I think I am going to head to the market and pick some up this weekend. Mmm.