The Results Walk for Water Fundraiser Event: $635 raised, 25 served

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Why do we celebrate?

We celebrate birthdays, weddings & graduations.  We celebrate the homecoming of a friend, the landing of a new job, the retirement of a family member. 

We celebrate the start of a new year, the independence of our country & numerous religious holidays. 

In parts of the world, like Honduras, India & Ethiopia, they celebrate the installation of a well in their community.  They celebrate that they will have clean water for their families, for drinking, cooking and cleaning.  They celebrate that they don't need to walk 4 miles to find it.  That's a pretty good reason to celebrate if you ask me. 

Although we didn't quite reach our goal, I think we have more than enough reason to celebrate.   Together we have changed the lives of 25 people!  By raising $635 we have given 25 people one of the best reasons possible for celebration, the gift of clean water. 
I want to thank everyone for donating and giving their support to the Labor Day Weekend Walk for Water fundraising event.  The above video is just a sample of the ultimate goal we are contributing to.  I also want to thank everyone for taking some time out of their busy lives and walking or spreading the word.  We hear of so many sad and terrible stories on the news everyday, it's good to be reminded that there is still goodness in the world.  Thanks again & Happy Labor Day Weekend.

Before signing off, here are some pics of the Brussels Walk for Water event:

The group in Grand Place, Brussels
The group in Cinquantennaire Park, Brussels
After 4 miles, we took a pit stop, a luxury most don't have.
I think we all had a great day walking for water.  With the language barrier it wasn't as easy to spread the word here,  but a few people stopped and we were able to share with them what we were doing and why.  Remember if you want to start your own fundraiser it's easy! Currently, they have a  new event where you can start a 10 lives in 10 days fundraiser (raise $250), to be entered to win a trip to help on one of the many water projects they implement every year.  As a traveller, that sounds like a real trip of a lifetime.  Click on the link to see how you can help!

**Our t-shirt order got a little messed up and mine was missing, but turns out I have a knack for making really cool & sparkly t-shirts :)**
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