Good Bye Heirloom Tomato-We Will Meet Again Salad

Pin It I hate good byes.

Living in a foreign country and being friends with mostly expats, good byes are an inevitable part of life.
I just recently had a pre-good bye dinner with one of my good friends here.  It's like practice for the actual good bye.
The actual good-bye dinner is next week.  It's easier to say good-bye if you do so in stages.  The good thing is, my friend is going back to the States... so this is just "good bye for now." 
I guess I had good byes on the brain, because I quite ceremoniously made this Good Bye Heirloom Tomato-We Will Meet Again Salad for dinner the other day.  I ate it alone, thinking about all of the delicious juicy vine ripened reds, zebra greens and heirloom noirs I ate over the summer.  It takes me back to my grandpa's garden as a kid.  We really scarfed 'em down.  
Here's hoping this was a pre-good bye and that next weekend at the market I can pick up a few more of the late season crop.  Like with my friend, I am not quite ready to say good-bye, even just for now.
 It's pretty self explanatory.  Get yourself some heirlooms and make a salad.  Before it's too late.

To B:  Sorry for comparing our friendship to the end of tomato season.  I really will miss you, lots. <3, e

Good Bye Heirloom Tomato-We Will Meet Again Salad

3 Heirloom Tomatoes, sliced
a sprinkle of freshly chopped basil
a drizzle of good EVOO
sea salt & cracked pepper
Fresh Mozz, if you want, but with these heirlooms, you don't even need it!

Layer ingredients in the order listed.   Pin It

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Anonymous said...

I miss you, E!!