Fall Farmer's Market Finds: Fig Mojito!

Pin It Some of you may recall my Mojito obsession and the "best ever"  Blueberry Mojitos I made back in July when blueberries were plentiful.  Well, that ship has sailed, but it's no reason to get down.  Trust me.  You can still have your Mojito and drink it, too.  Especially in this dressed up fall version of the summer classic.
What's giving this mojito it's gorgeous pink hue?  Well, that my friends, is a fig.  If you are like me and have only had figs in the form of newtons before, you are in for a real treat.
I picked these figgies up at last weekend's farmer's market.  I wanted to make a fall version of my favorite cocktail and was on the hunt for fill in fall produce here.   When I came across these figs, I knew they would be the ticket to my Fall Fig Mojito
Upon slicing, Figs reveal their vibrant magenta flesh.  This, though gorgeous, is not the best way to get the figs in the form you want for the Figgy Mojitos.
It's best to peel them, like you would an orange.
Then slice your figs them into small pieces.
I took the advice of a reader and made this mojito a little different than the last.  This time I used homemade simple syrup, which really is as simple as it sounds.  To start, add the juice of one lime, 2 T of simple syrup and 1 small fig chopped to your glass. 
 Muddle together.
Clap mint together in your hands a few times, slightly bruising the mint to release the flavor (this was another reader tip!).  Add a shot of Havana (or whatever rum you have) and gently muddle.
I love the crunchy fig seeds.
Top with crushed ice & sparkling water. 
Garnish with lime and a slice of fresh fig.
 There you have a it.  A mojito perfect for the fall weather.  The fig paired really well with the lime and mint.  I am thinking a 4 Seasons of Mojito series coming at ch'ya!  Stay tuned.

Fall Fig Mojito


2 T simple syrup (instructions as follows)
1 lime, juiced (plus more lime for garnish)
1 fig, peeled and chopped (plus more for garnish)
1 shot of white rum (Havana is my preferred rum)
a handful of fresh mint
Sparkling water (soda water)


Combine simple syrup, lime juice and chopped fig to a glass.  Muddle together until most pieces are broken apart.  Clap mint in hands a few times to release the flavor.  Add mint and rum.  Muddle gently.  Add crushed ice to to fill up glass.  Top with sparkling water.  Garnish with fresh fig and lime.

Simple Syrup

Equal parts: 

In a small sauce pan warm water and bring to a slow boil, add sugar until dissolved.

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