Update: 4 Mile Walk for Water

Pin It Imagine, instead of going to work today, you were forced to walk 6 hours to find clean water.  Not only do you need the water to survive, but your family depends on you.  Imagine not being able to work to support your family because you have to spend so much of your time each week searching for something so basic to survival.  Now imagine putting in all of this effort and not finding clean water for your family.  For most of us this is unimaginable, but for so many it is reality. A reality that we can change.   

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to update you on the 4 Mile Walk for Water this Labor Day Weekend fundraiser.  So far we have raised $75 and served 3 people.  With 38 days left, I am confident we will reach our goal of $1,000 and give 40 people access to clean water for life.  I have already gotten confirmations from all over of people who will be walking 4 miles on Labor Day and raising awareness!  Please join me Labor Day weekend to walk and spread the word.  The more people who know, the greater difference we can make.

For those walking with me in Brussels, shirts have been ordered and are scheduled to arrive in a few weeks!

Anyone interested in getting shirts for their hometown walk for water can order from 100apparel.org.  For each shirt purchased, at least $10 will go to water projects in areas that need water.  Besides that, the shirts are cool.  Get your friends & family together and walk for a cause!  Just $25 gives someone clean water for life and it all starts with getting people informed.  
Click here for more information on the 4 Mile Walk for Water fundraiser event.

For more information on the water crisis, visit water.org and see the many ways you can make a difference.  Thanks for your support! Pin It

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