Trogir: Okrug Beach, Croatia

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I meant to post this before yesterday's post, but got too excited about yesterday's.    The last stop before we headed back to Zadar on our Croatian itinerary, was the small historic port village of Trogir, which is actually an island.  With all the palaces, castles, churches, towers and fortresses it is no surprise that it has been influenced by the Greeks, the Romans and the Venetians.  

Through out its tight twisting alleys, you definitely get a feel of Venice but with less pigeons (thankfully!).  See my Venice post to see how I feel about pigeons.. or birds in general! 

One thing I loved was that very nook and cranny was brimming with bright flowers...
Fresh laundry hung from the top to bottom of old buildings.  We walked through the village during "siesta" (I have no idea what it is called in Croatian!).  The streets were so quiet, but you could hear the noises of people preparing lunch in their homes and smell the delicious traditional food.  It's amazing that people actually live in places this beautiful!  Not that Wisconsin isn't beautiful... just in a different way, perhaps? 
Maybe Paul will learn if he is going to go in my picture, he will at least smile.  :)  Though it is a charming town to visit, it was hot, and we needed the beach...as you can see. 
We stopped for a much welcomed ice cream break before heading back to Okrug (where we stayed).  This is an everyday occurrence on vacation.
A boat took us to Trogir from Okrug and back, for about 3 Euro per person (both ways). Not a bad deal.  To top that, the boat was glass bottomed (love tourist gimmicks) but you couldn't see a darn thing!  No surprise there.  The regular boat was the same price, so we thought we'd at least give it a try ;)
And in less than 15 minutes we were back on the beach in Okrug.
It was splendid, to say the least.

Going on summer holiday?  This article might give you a few tips on how to stay on track health wise during your vacation.  Yes, I am guilty of indulging in the daily ice cream cone and a few more cocktails than I care to admit, but I am also proud to say we made frequent stops at markets for some fresh fruits and veggies, followed by many uphill treks around the towns.  Out of these 24 tips, you are bound to find a few good ideas.  Vacation is meant for indulging, but that doesn't mean you have to fall completely off the wagon, right?  We tried our best this time around and if I had to put a grade on it I would say a B- (B+ if I would have limited the ice cream to every other day, but they were small ;) and it was worth it! Pin It

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