Weekend Indulgence: Cool Bun Brussels {Delicious}

Pin It This is what I ate on Friday night. 
Yes, that is an all beef burger topped with cheddar, bacon, some kind of a chewy dried apple (at least I think.  Nonetheless, delicious) and a butt boat (let's keep it classy) load  of onion rings.  Don't judge me, but I put it down.  Okay, Paul helped with the onion rings (thankfully!), but I am more than a little ashamed to say that I could have done it on my own.

Where was this little slice of heaven, you ask?  We went to Cool Bun in honor of Paul's promotion!  Yeah, we are Americans... we celebrated at one of the only burger joints in Brussels.  If you are living in Brussels and haven't been to Cool Bun, go.  Immediately.  One of my favorite things about Cool Bun is that the food is local and organic, so you feel a little less guilty about eating a burger stacked with onion rings and a side of frites (it comes with a salad, too!).  These, my dear friends, are mouth watering yum yum's at their finest.  *We also tried the Gorgonzola burger which was equally as delectable.  But, I am a little partial to a burger topped with onion rings.  Just sayin'.

Oh yeah, and I was more than a little in love with the fact that they gave you a mini gummy burger at the end of the meal.

After this weekend's indulgences I need to go on a detox diet stat.  As I mentioned I will be baring a bikini in T minus 6 days.  But.... It was worth it. 

Is it bad that I am still drooling while looking at that first pic?!  Moving on.

On our walk home we came across the sun shining beautifully on the Cinquantenaire Parc Arches
{Serious Photo Op}
{Some Instagram action}
{Nice looking sky}
Okay, now I need to go do Jillian's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism DVD.  Hopefully this will reverse some of the damage.  Night Night!
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