Hvar Town, Croatia

Pin It From Zadar we continued by bus to Split, where we got on the next Catamaran to Hvar Town.  I was picturing an open boat, where you can sit on the deck and sip on a fresh fruit smoothie, but it was a regular ferry where you couldn't even go outside.  Luckily the trip was just over an hour and I had a good book to pass the time.  I think I was actually sobbing half the way to Hvar.  The book was sad, but more on that later.

An hour and a half later we arrived in Paradise.  We got to our apartment (which was the best apartment we have stayed in yet!) and while we were settling in, there was a knock.  "I am sorry.  Fresh Lemonade?" the apartment owner asked, "It is from the tree outside," she said pointing to the tree.  "No need to apologize and Yes, Please!" was our response.  We sat on our balcony sipping on the fresh squeezed lemonade.  "Pinch me.  I must be dreaming," I thought out loud.   Paul pinched me and I didn't wake up.
We spent a few days by the sea, reading books and taking walks along the coast.  Though there aren't beaches and it is mostly rocky coast line, there are still nice spots to relax and take a dip every now and then.
The color of the water was insanely beautiful.
We came across a father and son catching what seemed to be like whatever they could find.... and this was where I had just been swimming.  Glad I didn't know what they were doing when I was in the sea.  Catch of the day: Octupus and some long eel type weird fish thing (you get the drift).  Pretty crazy!
We would walk around the port after we had enough sun and grab a fresh lemonade or fresh juice.  Did I mention it was full sun and in the 90's all week?!
The highlight of our trip though, was an all day sailing excursion to Vis Island and the Green Cave for some snorkeling.  The snorkeling was mediocre, but sailing around the small islands near Hvar was so relaxing with the ocean breeze.  I also love getting the view from the sea.
  Some other boats sailing by peacefully:
Boats lined up at Hvar Port upon our return:
Smallest to biggest:
The next day we took a walk along the coast and found a pretty big beach we had heard about.  I think one of the only beaches in Hvar Town (and by beach I mean pebbly and rocky).  Tip: Bring your water shoes if you visit Croatia! 
We finished our books and then it was time for a cocktail while the sun set. 
Hvar Town was amazing.  Though we had 4 nights there, I could have easily spent a whole week and would love to go back.  

As always, let me know if you want any tips if you are planning a visit to Croatia.  You can read about the rest of our trip to Croatia here.  Check back soon for details on the rest!

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