Lake Plitvice: It'll "slap" you silly

Pin It One of my good friends decided she wanted to start wearing red lipstick.  Best. Idea. Ever.  She is brilliant and I clearly owe all my future red lipstick wearing days to her.  Thanks Brit :)  It's especially fun when you are on vacation and no one knows you. 
We left for Croatia last Saturday.  It was amahzing.  Beautiful scenery, beautiful weather, great food, great company and friendly locals.  We couldn't have asked for a better experience.  We flew into Zadar, located right on the Adriatic.  Though are main reason for going there was to access Lake Plitvice National Park, it was a great city to spend a few days in.  It has history, beach, a happening old town and makes a great base in Northern Dalmatia.

Lake Plitvice has been on our bucket list of places to see since we saw a public television program on it a few years before we moved to Belgium.  We had to go and we are glad we did.  Though, its not the easiest place to get to, it is definitely worth the trip.  Set half way between Zadar & Zagreb (the capital), the national park is the most visited park in Croatia.  Our tour guide had said the park reaches up to 17,000 visitors per day during the high season.  I would recommend visiting in May, June or the fall.  Though there were people, it wasn't packed with tourists.  We wanted to visit the park independently, however I read a few horror stories on the public busing situation to and from the park.  That being said we took an 8 person tour bus.  Independence in the park would have been great (and if you can swing it, you should), but we saw what we came to see without any stress from our side.  
You will come across "slap" after "slap" (waterfall in Croatian) walking through the park.

The water was emerald green, deep sea blue, turquoise and aquamarine.  Unbelievably bright due to the minerals in the water and the sun.  The water was so pure and clean you could drink it straight from the stream.

It was refreshing in the hot Croatian sun and had to be, since you are not allowed to swim in the park.  Though it will take all the power you have to resist the urge to jump in. 

Love the foot pics.  Obviously.
 Wooden foot paths take you through the park.  There are many trails ranging in different lengths for you to take.
Cliff jumping anyone? 
If you are headed to Croatia, Lake Plitvice National Park is a must-see.  What is the most beautiful natural place you have been to?  I'd love to hear about your adventures.  This definitely tops my list. 
One last photo:

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Wow, E, absolutely breathtaking!! I'm glad I get to live vicariously through your blog :)