Open faced E.A.T.

Pin It "Good Morning."  I can say that on Saturdays and Sundays.  On Monday mornings I generally say, "Bad Morning,"  sure, it is a little pessimistic, but sleeping in, enjoying many morning coffees and taking the time to make a hearty breakfast are one of life's simple pleasures.  I prefer making my own delicious breakfast than going out.

Eggs.  They surely are incredible.  There are so many things you can do by throwing a few eggs together.  See below our Saturday morning creation, Open Faced E.A.T., and it sure was edible.

Start by shredding some cheddar, slicing avocado and chopping some cherry tomatoes.
Throw a slice in the toaster and start frying your egg.

After you have flipped your egg, throw on a little ched and melt with the cover on, then line the avocado slices on your toasted bread.
Top with your egg, some tomato slices and some cracked pepper.  We added some bacon bits from last nights dinner, but I would serve with sliced bacon if I had it in the house. Bacon. Yum. (strawberry doesn't look that great, but please, it is February, and I am still working on my food photography!)

Open Faces E.A.T. (serves 2)
2 slices of wheat bread
2 organic eggs
half of an avocado
6 cherry tomatoes
a handful of shredded cheese
sea salt and cracked pepper

serving suggestion:
Serve with a piping hot cup of jo.  Tabasco if needed.

Shred some cheddar, slice half of an avocado, quarter the cherry tomatoes.  Pop a slice of toast in the toaster and crack your egg on a hot greased frying pan.  Salt and pepper.  Once you have flipped the egg, throw on a little shredded cheese and put cover on to melt the cheese faster.  Line up half of the avocado on the toast (salt and pepper if desired).  Once cheese in melted, put egg on top of the avocado.  top with the cherry tomatoes and pepper.  Before you dig in, break the yolk and dip toast in its goodness while you eat.  (repeat, or if you are a top chef, do two at once)

Bon appetit.

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jLynn said...

Made this for breaky today :) YUM! Had to skip the bacon though since I gave up red meat for Lent.