Germany and Austria: Highlights

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This past week we took yet another road trip, this time with Paul's parents.  Have I mentioned we really like road tripping in Europe?  We had a great time seeing some sights in Germany and Austria, had some great tradish-dish, and really have come to like  the weiss beers the region offers.  Trip Itinerary included "Luther land," which is where the reformation began in the 1500's, included stops to Wittenburg, Eisenach and Erfurt Germany, a few days in Salzburg, Austria (confirmed our desire to do an Alps ski trip!  Don't know why it was even a question anymore), a day trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle ("Mad" King Ludwig's creation and Walt Disney's vision for the Sleeping Beauty Castle) , an overnighter stop in Munich (staying overnight is a must, so you can spend your evening in a real German beer hall, of course) and one last stop in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a small medieval village that is perfectly in tact and full of German tradition. 
Highlights of the trip included:

Perusing the streets of the city of Erfurt, where you meet square after square filled with cafes and restaurants.  A very nice place to spend an afternoon browsing the shops.

Taking a cable car into the Alps, to enjoy the views and of course a typical Weiss Beer.  The beer was good, the view wasn't bad either ;)
Salzburg. Period. More on Salzburg here!
Schnitzel!  Gotta have me some schnitzel when in Germany and Austria.  In fact, the more the better, which was something all 4 of us agreed on.
While the side trip to Neuschwanstein wasn't everything I dreamed it would be, (read more about that here.) the scenery in the area is surely beautiful.  No wonder Ludwig was such a Romantic.
Hofbrau Haus.  Enough said!  It's mandatory to sip a liter in Germany's most infamous beer hall.  Keep in mind Munich has much more to offer than beer!  Click here or  here to read more about Munich.
If you love Christmas, a stop at Rothenburg ob der Tauber will be sure to make your day any time of the year, where you can visit Christmas shop after Christmas shop.  It is a perfectly quaint little medieval village, and worth an overnight stop to see the city after the day trippers go home.  It doesn't get much cuter than this!!!
From Rothenburg, we headed back home.  I love road tripping, but that first night back in your own bed just adds to the sweetness of traveling!

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